Creating a future where suburban wildfires are a thing of the past.
Using remote telemetry and edge AI, our wildfire prevention technology powers a grid that is smarter and more reliable than ever before.
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Detect Faults in
Gridware continuously monitors for possible changes that could affect the quality of the grid’s performance or ignite wildfires.
The system detects faults early and in real-time to enable you to schedule timely repairs and rapidly respond to ignitions so disastrous wildfires can be avoided.
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Expedite Outage Repairs
Gridware operates independently of the grid to ensure the system is always on and available when you need it most.
During a power shutoff and extreme weather events, the system continues to report faults through the night so that trouble crews don’t have to wait until daylight to search for faults, begin repairs, and swiftly restore power.
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Demonstrate Risk
Gridware continuously gathers data across the entire grid so you can monitor assets with confidence.
Through the system’s machine learning and analytics system, you’ll be able to build asset health profiles, report on the resilience of the grid, and show predictive ROI models for data-driven infrastructure investments and improvements.
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Improve Threat Models

Stay ahead of threats with total awareness of vulnerabilities.




Overall O&M Costs


Provide power with fewer, shorter interruptions.

Threat Models

Stay ahead of threats with total awareness of vulnerabilities

Overall O&M Costs

Increase efficiency and safety while reducing overhead.

We're currently accepting partners for our wildfire prevention pilot program.

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