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At Gridware, we collaborate with utility companies to enhance existing grid assets with cutting-edge technology.

This innovative approach streamlines monitoring, management and troubleshooting processes, ensuring a more reliable and efficient grid for all.

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Detect Faults in Real-Time

Gridware’s system allows utilities to identify and locate faults —including those caused by grid equipment failure, downed lines or vegetation contact—helping to reduce outages and wildfire threat in real-time.

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Expedite Outage Repairs

Gridware’s system operates independently of the grid, including during planned or unplanned outage events. This enables utilities to dispatch line crews to the exact location of the problem informed with the knowledge of what to expect once they get there.  

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Manage Asset Health

Gridware's system tracks wear and tear on physical assets—including environmental, wildlife, and physical stress unique to each asset. This data-driven approach uses condition-based information to prioritize maintenance schedules, ultimately extending the lifespan of the infrastructure.

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deployed by utilities in 8 states

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