About Gridware

Gridware was founded with the belief that the passion and agility of start-up innovations will play a decisive role in the modernization of our power grid.

Access to electricity is now life and death. In a 120ºF heatwave or a Cat 5 hurricane, powerlines are lifelines. And while the grid is one of humanity's most impressive engineering feats of all time, it's also one of its most glaring weak spots.

More than two-thirds of the distribution infrastructure is already halfway through its viable lifespan, and it now faces a perfect storm of skyrocketing demand and intermittent supply. Inflation, soaring energy prices, supply chain challenges, and an expected labor force halving, all hamstring upgrades.

Utilities are throwing piles of cash at the problem, yet spending will fall short $200b by the end of the decade.

We build technology that pays for itself by eliminating monitoring and maintenance costs through remote prediction, detection, and prevention of hazards like vegetation contact, downed lines, transformer overloads, and pole rot. In fact, utilities can install a device on every pole for less than the liability cost of a single wildfire.

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