About Gridware

Gridware was founded with the belief that the passion and agility of start-up innovations will play a decisive role in the modernization of our power grid.

As devastating wildfires hit communities and millions of hectares of land more frequently and more violently, a critical step in addressing this challenge and the many other challenges of climate change is the ability to bring together experts, grid operators, regulators and innovators to solve them together.

To do this, we need a solution that is dynamic and deployable. A solution that is predictive and precise. A solution that stays ahead of the problem rather than catching up.

We are building Gridware to be that solution. 

Although it won't be easy to solve these challenges, we believe in our mission and work passionately to create a better, safer, and greener future for all. A future where, when the smoke clears, suburban wildfires are a thing of the past.

Our Team

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Software Engineer  (Bay Area, CA)
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Mechanical Product Design Engineer (Bay Area, CA)
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