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Gridware was founded on the belief that passion, innovation and technology can align to modernize the power grid.

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Why We're Here

In a 120ºF heatwave or a Category 5 hurricane, powerlines are lifelines and truly can be the difference between life and death. And while the grid is one of humanity's most impressive engineering feats of all time, it is fast becoming one of its most glaring weak spots.

More than two-thirds of the distribution infrastructure is already halfway through its viable lifespan, and utilities are facing a perfect storm of skyrocketing demand and intermittent supply. Upgrades are further challenged by inflation, soaring energy prices, supply chain challenges, and an expected labor force halving.

As utilities contend with how to navigate these challenges, Gridware provides a solution by using unprecedented on-the-ground intelligence, utilities can ensure safe and reliable power from their grid infrastructure.

What We’re Doing

Gridware builds technology that efficiently addresses these challenges with products that enable utilities to monitor assets, detect and prevent hazards—like vegetation contact, downed lines, transformer overloads and pole rot. Armed with accurate knowledge, lineworkers’ valuable time is spent fixing the grid instead of searching for problems, allowing utilities to operate a grid that is more reliable, more resilient and wildfire resistant.

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