Deployed on transmission and distribution poles, GridscopeTM leverages multiple sensors and on-device signal processing to deliver continuous, real-time grid monitoring—even during outages.

Product Benefits
A Proven Solution 
By design, Gridscope is constantly put to the test to ensure it is a reliable option for grid reliability. What stemmed from years of scientific trials, modeling and proprietary algorithm design, including tests at Gridware’s field site has grown into a network implemented by utilities across the United States.  
Fault Intelligence 
Once a fault is identified, utilities are equipped with the knowledge of more than something is wrong. Utilities know what is wrong and where it went wrong, allowing them to dispatch crews to the right area with the proper tools to reinstate service quickly.  
Cost Effective 
Gridscope allows utilities to save money by streamlining the assessment of grid assets and identifying not only when things go wrong but exactly what and where it is wrong, making it easier to dispatch crews and restore power. Utilities can install a device on every pole for less than the liability cost of a single wildfire.  
Asset Management 
Gridscope is equipped with multiple sensors that assess the asset environment including pole tilt, damage caused from wildlife and vegetation providing visibility into their assets and allowing utilities to proactively plan repairs and manual inspections of equipment as needed. 
On-Device Signal Processing 
Signal processing occurs on Gridscope. Using Gridscope’s propriety algorithms, signal processing occurs on the device, in the field and only relevant insights are communicated to the cloud. These alerts are made even easier to manage using Gridware’s Gridpatrol monitoring dashboard. 
Easily Implemented 
Installed in minutes, without requiring the de-energization of the line, utilities can quickly implement Gridscope onto their grid assets and reap the benefits of its technology.  
Prioritize Problems 
Gridpatrol identifies and prioritizes issues then delivers a direct notification that is highlighted for easy visibility on the dashboard. This makes it easier to support your response to an emergent situation or plan for preventative measures. The dashboard enables push and pull information channels with the information you need to respond. 
Operational Visibility 
Gridpatrol provides visibility into a variety of factors impacting your grid; including precise fault identification and localization, real-time environmental conditions, individual equipment health scores and failure predictions and damage assessment that can reduce outage restoration time—all at the click of a button. 
Better Equipped for Outages
Gridpatrol delivers near real-time reports about major events that include critical information about location and cause of the event. Gridpatrol makes it possible to share detailed, actionable reports from the dashboard with others. By improving the information about problems, utilities can improve response times, reduce outages and better manage workforce operations and customer communications.  
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