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Podcast: Gridware CEO on the “Earthlings” Podcast

Tim Barat joins Dustin Mulvaney, Molly Hunter and Carrick Detweiler to discuss “Living with Wildfires”

October 2022

Wildfires in the 21st Century feel more intense, burning more acres, taking more lives, and encroaching closer to where people live. And they are raising big questions about how we can live close to nature when that means the risk of fire.  

In this show, we look at what is causing these megafires, whether or not their size and intensity are really a new phenomenon, and how we can learn to adapt and live with wildfires, discovering solutions both indigenous and high-tech.

Listen to the full conversation here: https://earthlings-podcast.castos.com/episodes/s2e1-living-with-wildfires

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