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Podcast: Gridware’s CEO on “The Climate Champions” podcast

Gridware’s CEO discusses wildfires, climate change and instability of the grid with Lee Krevat, CEO of Krevat Energy Innovations, on “The Climate Champions” podcast.

October 2022

In this conversation Gridware co-founder and CEO, Tim Barat, shares his memories of the severe wildfires he witnessed both in his home-country Australia and in California. Having been a power pole worker for several years, Tim had gained detailed knowledge about the grid, including its fragility, causing its propensity to cause these wildfires. Seeing the severe repercussions they have on people’s lives and livelihoods inspired him to take action to tackle this problem!

“I guess I feel this deep sense of responsibility to be fighting this fight”, Tim shares with Lee, about his personal motivations behind creating Gridware, the Bay Area-based tech startup he co-founded in 2020.

“We want to help utilities to stop fires from happening in the first place”, Tim explains, before discussing how Gridware’s technology enables utilities to monitor the grid in real-time and address faults more quickly and effectively - before they cause fires or other problems.

Listen to the full conversation here: https://climatechampions.podbean.com/e/tim-barat-ceo-co-founder-gridware-episode-127/

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